at Red Stone Center

love Africa Decor & Gallery


Monday thru Saturday 10am-6pm

Sunday 10am-4pm

Love Africa Décor & Gallery proudly presents a selection of Colorful, Contemporary, Conversational and Collectable home wares, décor and gallery pieces that have been carefully sourced throughout Africa.


The majority of these pieces have been lovingly and skillfully designed and hand-crafted by craftsmen and artisans using basic hand tools and techniques learnt from older generations. The source materials are usually natural materials, by-products or recycled materials. Some pieces have taken several months to complete before changing hands and travelling great distances as they are traded and bartered. These pieces are now offered to you, some 10,000 miles away from their original sources in Africa.

Our philosophy is to purchase responsibly and fairly directly from artists, craftsmen and small businesses (often single mothers or foster mothers) and we avoid purchasing from Corporations and Big Business where-ever possible.

We also support Non-profit organizations, Nuru International (they provide Micro-Finance to subsistence maize / corn farmers in Africa) and Nazareth House (they love and support abandoned, neglected, disabled and orphaned children in Africa). We also support other philanthropy and communities, locally here in Sedona.

All our animal products are inspected and approved by US Fish and Wildlife Services and this Federal organization’s objectives and functions are consistent with the various conservation and environmental stewardship practices and values in Africa. We do-not support hunting or animal cruelty in any form and all our animal products are mainly by-products or recycled materials.